We trained trainers

Collagues of White Ring Hungary have made a presentation for the Ebony African Organization, about the topic of hate-crimes. The Ebony have made a three day long trainging for workers of organizations dealing with victims hate-crimes. Later theese workers, who now attended this training, will later also be a trainer about hate-crimes.

White Ring Hungary received the following invitation: “Would you like to know more ablout hate-crimes? Would you like to know how to support the victim of a hate-crime effectively, or waht can you do, if you became a victim of a hate-crime? Would you like to know why is it important to report to the police if you became a victim of a hate-crime?

Come, and join us on the training of trainers organized by Ebony African Organization on november 26-28.  at the building of MÜSZI. We are expecting those, who are specially interested in the the theme of hate-crimes, and wish to pass on their knowledge.”

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