Fehér Gyűrű, the Hungarian victim support organization, was founded 21. December 1989.
adopting the model of the Western European Victim Support organizations. It has been the
active member of Victim Support Europe (VSE) since 1992. Thanks to VSE we are in a good
relationship with many international organizations: segitseget-kulfoldon/

The Hungarian organization was the first to be founded in Eastern Europe. It gives exact and
direct support to innocent victims of crime (who are in need partially due to their social
status) and their relatives. It helps with information, psychical and legal assistance and in
special cases some financial aid. It also stands for victims rights and protects them.

We would like to ask the victims to bring the police report before asking for help. In other
cases please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

The White Ring Hungary can offer the following support for innocent victims of crimes:
– solace, attention and personalized care after any crime
– information and help in arranging affairs
– only in special cases against human life gives free legal aid (our possibilities are limited
in legal aid)
– free mediation
– free psychological help with a mental hygienic specialist for victims in crisis
– some modest financial support for victims in need to help them overcome the crisis
caused by the crime-but only if the victim has a police report about the crime
– provides assistance with the proceedings at the authorities
– refers towards other associations and institutions
– helps victims of road accidents and their relatives

Crimes and other cases when WE CAN’T/IT IS NOT US WHO CAN help eg:

  • real estate mafia
  • compensation for stolen objects
  • cases of labour law and other cases of the Administrative Court
  • civil proceedings
  • etc.

We can refere to other organizations who have more experience in the matter or to a lawyer who charges for the service.

Assistance for foreign victims:

The White Ring Hungary can offer the following support for foreign citizen victims of crime in
accordance with the Victim Support Directive of the European Union:
– solace and personal care after any crime
– provides information about the proceedings of Hungarian criminal procedures
– provides help with the authorities
– provides assistance with the replacement of stolen documents (ID card, passport, etc)
– provides assistance to get in touch with relatives and the embassy of the home country
of the victim
– provides legal representation in extraordinary cases
– refers towards other organizations and institutions
– if necessary, provides financial aid for victims in need
– finds accommodation for further stay in Hungary or in special cases helps to find free
accommodation and food
– helps to be able to travel back home
– for follow up informs the victim support organization of the home country about the
case and the provided help
– helps indigent victims of road accidents, but only those who stay in Hungary in a legal
– besides these services Fehér Gyűrű does everything to avoid secondary victimization

Financial help is only provided in the principle of reciprocity, thus only for citizens of those
countries where Hungarian visitors/tourists can expect similar help. There could be two
exceptions: if the victim is in a completely hopeless situation or if he/she is asked to stay in
Hungary by the police because of the criminal case.

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