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„With my 12 year-old child we found Fehér Gyűrű following the advice of the school psychologist connected to a verbal domestic violence case. We have been meeting their counselors together at the same time for a year but 2-3 times a month we are also treated by another helper. It has been an immense help, that in our seemingly hopeless situation both of us were given a handhold that even if with slow steps but helped us to recover from our victim status. My child happily attends the meetings likes and accepts the specialist and considers her advices. We discuss the themes of their meetings at home as well. Although my child is still afraid of his father he already knows and understands that it is important to take on his emotions.”/ 40 year-old woman


„I got connected to Fehér Gyűrű through my child. I have been living in a relationship that was threatening and loaded with verbal violence without even being aware of this fact. I was threatened, afraid and lethargic. I was stupefied to realize that it is possible to live under verbal violence being unaware of it. I got a lot of help from the mental hygienic professional. With questions, defined goals, practical examples and exercises she helped me to concentrate on steps that could bring changes into my life and instead of blaming others and complaining I began to look for how I could get stronger to define my limits and protect my child as a strong bastion.”/ 40 year-old woman, Budapest


„I got in touch with my helper through White Ring after the case of a material loss. I became the victim of a crime at the beginning of 2016 when my high quality mobile phone was taken from me. Besides material loss caused a great emotional trauma for me as well. That particular early morning I made a file complaint against an unknown person at the Police Office of the 5th district where I was informed about the possibility to acquire for financial support as well. I made the police report because I wanted the thief to get the punishment he deserved and my soul could also calm down. My telephone was stolen from my closed handbag in a high quality place in the downtown. By stealing my phone the thief caused me the greatest pain possible at that time of my life. As in my case I did not want to receive any financial support I did not ask for it. Than the Police Officer Lady drew my attention to another option, receiving victim support help. I have to add to my story that life has heavily loaded me with burdens during the previous few years. The loss of close relatives after long illness, closing a long relationship in which I was also cheated on by my partner and crisis at work.  That time I felt that was the point in my life when I could no longer carry on by myself and I needed some mental help .I had to realize that my soul was hurt indeed and it needed to be treated, thus I accepted the help of the victim support specialist. I had mixed feelings, anger, sadness, sorrow, disappointment, frustration and despair. Questions were emerging as well “why with me, why now, why like this” but I got no answers. I attended the free consultations provided by White Ring Hungary more than 10 occasions in an almost 3 month-long period. I am really thankful because I got a helper whom I could completely trust from the first moment and I could open up to her. As I have a closed person and I usually don’t talk about my problems it was a surprise for me as well how easily  I could do it with a stranger. I am very thankful for her care and attention and adherence towards me. It helped me to become more self confident in being a valuable and loveable person. I changed a lot thanks to the treatments and almost a year has passed since then but using her advices I can handle stressful situations much better and have become a more balanced, more optimistic person. Due to her advices and exercises I learnt to accept and love myself and I can stand up for myself much braver in conflicts. I would like to thank her that I could find myself again and can be living my sunny and optimistic life 🙂 “ H. K. 35 year-old woman from Budapest.


„Someone who loves does not intimidate, does not manipulate, does not promise and does not want you to suffer.  One of my colleagues suggested me to contact White Ring Hungary with my harassment problem in the autumn of 2016. After 2 years my former boyfriend could not accept that I did not want to continue our relationship. He was battering on my door every day, he climbed through my fence to penetrate into my house so I started after every knock on my door. But still it was very hard not to let him enter as he used to be important for me. But I knew we were only ruining each other and I did not want to take on his behaviour related to his alcoholism any longer. I had to realize that on I was too weak alone to close the relationship so I asked for help. After trying several organizations finally White Ring Hungary accepted me and after a few sessions I managed to become stronger. Working with images and the NLP method helped me to create solution strategies and to clarify what I really wanted and where my own limits were. I know we had our own lessons to learn from the case. For him that there was another way in life and for me to keep my own limits, to be able to say no even if it is hard to see the other suffering and to be responsible for myself. Understanding what I had already knew, but did not take into practice, that in the first place I am responsible for my own self. Finally in an extreme case I was able to call the police and minimalize the contact with him what was a huge step from my side. Thanks to the discussions with the specialist I could become myself again and finally his harassment lessened and my private life became settled as well. Now I live in a healthy and happy relationship and wonderfully enough it has no traits of my dilemmas, difficulties and victim status of the past. Or at least I have not noticed until now but I try to observe myself and respect my limits in a healthy way.

I am really thankful for the help of the workers of Fehér Gyűrű”

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