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Zsaru Magazine 2014. August

Zsaru Magazine 2014. October December 18. 2010
Veszprémi Napló
Author: Mátételki András

The FEHÉR GYŰRŰ victim support helps to who get into trouble.

The FEHÉR GYŰRŰ Public Benefit Organisation who is working in a narrow circumstances, gave 7.5 million HUF to the aggrieved families of the red mud flow, in the first week of the tragedy.

The victim protection will remain without money.

Stop. hu December 9th 2010

Ebbing financial support to the victim protection.

MTI December 8th 2010

The government disappoints the victim support association.

Hírszerző.hu December 8th 2010

Even less get into to the victim protection.

HVG. HU December 8th. 2010

Missing millions from the state: the victim support is in danger of bankrupcy.

Somogyi Hírlap November 26th. 2010

Somogy district Fondness convoy to Kolontár.

Somogyi Hírlap Oktober 29th. 2010

Mr.László Fügedi as a president of the FEHÉR GYŰRŰ Public Benefit Organisation, delivered more than seven million HUF on the spots for fourtysix person at the settlements, smitten by the flush of the red mud.

To whom, whomsoever his house, garden, domestic animals have been nullified by the red mud flow.

The head of Balaton area’s victim support office, gave personally in cash the supporter’s donations to the indignents.

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