László Fügedi Chairman
Pál Kovács Vice president
Attila Majoros Secretary
Róbert Geier Member of the Presidency
dr. Mátyás Bence Member of the Presidency
dr. János Skapinyecz Member of the Presidency
dr. Lenke Fehér Honorary Member


Supervisory Board

President: dr. Gábor Pozderka

Members: Gyula Szabados, Péter Szúdy


Head office – Budapest

Our experienced staff members accepts the victims of crime with professional care personally or by phone every weekday.

Our services are free of charges and includes:

  • information about the progress of legal proceedings,
  • providing information about the proceedings at the authorities, and about their progress
  • providing support by psychologist, child psychologist, mental health professional
  • referring towards other associations and institutions
  • mediation

Office Hours


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