TAMOP Project

Opening Event

On 25th April, 2013 The White Ring Association held a conference in Budapest. The program was the opening event of the TÁMOP –5.6.1.C – 11/1 project called „Prevention of becoming victims, victim help”.


The projct runs for 2 years, its main goal is to strengthen the cooperation and cohesion between victim help services and organisations. The White Ring Association wants to present a complex  service together with professionals, which would support the victims’ rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Conference guests were – next to the president of the association and White Ring’s psychologist – professionals, like dr. Tóthné dr. Pölöskei Eszter, manager of Ministry of Public Administration and Justice (KIM), Erika Buczkó lieutenant-colonel from  Department of Crime Prevention and Victim Protection at the Hungarian Police Department, and dr. György Virág psychologist, who is currently the deputy manager of the National Institue of Criminology. Kinga Gál congresswoman of the European Parliament sent a video message to the members of the Conference.

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Professionals of 23 different, victim helping and supporting organisations attended to the conference, whose work establishes the basics of the effective victim help services.

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Closing of the TÁMOP projekt

This event was organized as the closure of the feature project of White Ring Hungary, called “Preventing victimization, supporting victims”. The main theme was prevention, and supporting the victims of crime, and several other professional questions. Beside of theese, we presented a short summary of the 2 year long project.

Our speakers were:

  • Dr. Ottó Almacht, (White Ring Hungary), mediator
  • Béla Tóth, Public Security Counsellor, Budapest 10th district Local Government
  • Annamária Pribék, Police Lieutenant, Budapest, 14th district Police Advisory Counsellor
  • Gál Eszter, Referent against Human Trafficking, Ministry of Interior
  • Closing speech by László Fügedi, President of White Ring Hungary.
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Introducing the project

In february 2013. White Ring Hungary begun to realize, the project of TAMOP No.: 5,6.1/C-11/1 which is a complex professional victim assistance program.

“The victimization prevention, victim support” project is trying to achieve prevention and assist the victims of the crimes under the three main objectives of the two-year period.

– Assistance to the victims (and, if necessary also for relatives and witnesses): crisis intervention, psychological support, life skills counseling, self-help groups.

– The prevention of crime and victimization prevention: to inform the public and the interprofessional working in the prevention of victimization; information on services available for victims, NFE-program (Neighbours for Each), self-defense groups.

– Increase the reputation of the association, so our services can reach those, who are mostly in need of them (inter-professional meetings, increase cooperation, exchange of experience, common protocol).

These aims will be helped by the training of colleagues dealing directly with victims (courses, trainings, exchanges of experience, participation in regular supervision).

Cooperation among state services and NGOs to develope a common professional protocol in this area.


White Ring Hungary offers the following assistance for victims of crime:

• human solace and personal caretaking after the offense,

• free legal aid,

• free mediation,

• free psychological assistance,

• financial aid for those who are in need of it because of being victim of a crime (Police report required),

• assistance in dealing with the authorities,

• assistance for victims to reach other specified organizations.


June 26th, 2014. Budapest


Interactive discussion about the experiences of the cooperation and about the ideas of future cooperation; and about the problems and difficulties of the joint work, and about standardization of the protocols. Furthermore discussions were held about the introduction of new forms of helping – one of them is aiding the innocent victims of traffic accidents. Another one of this new form is the instant psychological help at the place of the crime for the victims of serious violent crimes.

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