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Mental help


„With my 12 year-old child we found Fehér Gyűrű following the advice of the school psychologist connected to a verbal domestic violence case. We have been meeting their counselors together at the same time for a year but 2-3 times a month we are also treated by another helper. It has been an immense help, that in our seemingly hopeless situation both of us were given a handhold that even if with slow steps but helped us to recover from our victim status. My child happily attends the meetings likes and accepts the specialist and considers her advices. We discuss the themes of their meetings at home as well. Although my child is still afraid of his father he already knows and understands that it is important to take on his emotions.”/ 40 year-old woman



„I got connected to Fehér Gyűrű through my child. I have been living in a relationship that was threatening and loaded with verbal violence without even being aware of this fact. I was threatened, afraid and lethargic. I was stupefied to realize that it is possible to live under verbal violence being unaware of it. I got a lot of help from the mental hygienic professional. With questions, defined goals, practical examples and exercises she helped me to concentrate on steps that could bring changes into my life and instead of blaming others and complaining I began to look for how I could get stronger to define my limits and protect my child as a strong bastion.”/ 40 year-old woman, Budapest