Training with Háttér Társaság

A victim support organization might encounter with victims of hate crime eg: for their sexual
identity, religion or origin. Our staff participated in a training held by Háttér Társaság on 5-6
November. Hate crimes were in the focus, the clarification of terms, legal circumstances the
needs of victims and sensitizing case-studies.
Háttér Társaság is the oldest and one of the most significant LGBTQI organizations in
Hungary. They are working for a society where nobody would face disadvantage because of
sexual orientation or sexual identity, where all the members of the LGBTQI community can
freely expose their identity and can get proper help in solving emerging problems.
The training was realised as a part of ’Állj elő’(Stand forward) research and training project
aiming to reinforce and support victims of LGBTQI hate crimes that was financed by the
European Committee.

The topic:
Hate crimes and their LGBTQI victims. Definitions, terminology, effects and implications,
the importance of hate crimes committed against LGBTQI people, the reality of hate crimes,
statistics, latency and case studies.
As a part of the project they conducted needs assessment among professionals working with
LGBTQI victims of hate crimes. They interviewed policemen and victim support
professionals in the capital and the country as well and analysed the given answers to the
online questionnaire. The questionnaires were answered by 170 respondents.
General conclusions of the research are (that are typical in the countries participating in the
project) high latency of reporting the crime that is due to the lack of trust and the fact that the
victims have to share details about their private life and the lack of awareness of their rights.
Whereas in countries where victim support organizations and the police work together (eg:
Belgium, Spain and the UK) this collaboration helped victim support organizations to have
more information about violence against LGBTQI people and their effect and implications.

According to the needs assessment victim support professionals and policemen would like to
know more about the following topics:
-definitions, terminology, effects and implications, the seriousness of hate crime against
LGBTQI people
-the reality of hate crime, statistics, latency
-case studies

Research on needs assessment in Hungary in English:

Hungarian summary about the training:

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