Professional forum- International memorial day of stopping violence against women

A professional forum was held at the Police Department of Somogy County on 26th
November on the occasion of the ’International memorial day of stopping violence against
women’ where László Fügedi, the chairman of our organization was invited as well. The first
presenter was Dr. István Szíjjátó police lieutenant colonel followed by Ida Éva Proszonyák
the leader of Borostyánvirág Foundation the Regional crisis ambulance of Dél-Dunántúl and
Dániel Bíró the leader of the shelter for mothers of Borostyánvirág Foundation and Katalin
Kopf the leader of the Crisis ambulance of Dél-Dunántúl and Zoltán Friss the coordinator of
EURES the regional work centre of and rehabilitation department of Dél-Dunántúl.

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