World Day for Victims of Crime Protection at BRFK

How to prevent becoming a victim and how to handle it in the kindergarden and at school. The European Commission published the Charter of Victims at 22 February 1990 thus that day marks the World Day for Victims. Based on the annual schedule of the Professional Cooperative System of Victim Protection the 2017 conference took place in The Crime Prevention Department of Budapest Police Headquater (BRFK).

’Methods and Solutions’ was the title of the conference that was ordered by Zoltán Segyevi police officer, the manager of the Crime Prevention Department of BRFK. Following his suggestions examples of successful victim protection programs and preventive projects (Unicef, mobile applications in case of maltreatments/KiVa/Nyugiovi/Aranytallér) were shown.

The participants of the conference were pedagogists involved in victim protection, psychologists from districts, lecturers in protecting young people from BRFK, rapporteurs of victim protection and representatives of organizations engaged in victim protection. After the professional lectures world-café way workshops gave the opportunity to the participants to ask questions and discuss the answers with the audience.

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