Successful PREVICT Project Start and Kickoff Meeting

On 28 and 29 August Victim Support Europe hosted a kickoff meeting of the PREVICT project in Brussels. The project is focused on the analysis of the best practices of information campaigns in the victims’ field and on the development of a toolkit for the evaluation of communication activities. 

The meeting aimed at presenting each partner’s national research finding on campaigns and discussing the next steps of the project.

The partners of the project include: Human Rights for Democracy Centre (Abania),the Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia, Fehér Gyűrű (Hungary), Victim Support Malta (Malta) and APAV (Portugal), VILIAS (Lirthuania), Transcendent Media Capital (TMC) and Victim Support Europe.

The PREVICT project will contribute towards:
– victims’ better information about their rights and the support they can claim and receive;
– better understanding of how to provide information to victims in an effective and inclusive manner;
– measuring the impact of information provision on victims of crimes.

THANK YOU all of our partner and other civil organisations, their employees who shared their experience and best practice in awareness raising/informational/preventive campaigns before the meeting to prepare an effective campaign in the PREVICT project. We appreciate that they met us or dedicated hours on telephone with our colleague and provide us with available campaign and marketing data. We learnt and enriched from these data so as to make campaign that is a part of Previct more succesfull. The project could not have started without their help -many thanks.

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