Closing Conference of the Swiss-Hungarian Transnational Cooperation on the Referral of Victims of Trafficking

On the closing conference of the “‘Swiss-Hungarian Transnational Cooperation on the Referral of Victims of Trafficking” project were shared  results and findings, and to think together of further steps to enhance cooperation in order to attain the highest possible degree in victim support and law enforcement in this field. The project’s aim is to facilitate direct cooperation between professionals in Hungary and Switzerland who are involved in identification, support and referral of victims as well as prosecution of perpetrators. Hungary’s National Counter Trafficking Strategy intended to develop Transnational Referral Mechanisms (TRM) with the most important partner countries. This has happened with Belgium and the Netherlands in the frame of the Ravot-EUR project, and will be complemented by the findings of this project as regards to Switzerland. The project is financed by the national allocation of the Internal Security Fund of the European Union by the ministry of interior.

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